Our Story

I really enjoy a good T-shirt. I'm particular about how it fits, how it feels and what it says. My favorites from over the years include my navy 18-1 shirt that celebrated the 2007 Giants sticking it to the undefeated Patriots. The vintage NPR one my wife bought for my birthday. And the yellow retro Cheerios one I was wearing the day my older daughter was born.

After 16 years in the corporate world, I wanted a change. I longed to be creative and importantly, give something back. I've always been an aspiring artist. If every artist needs his constraint, it makes perfect sense that mine is a T-shirt. Cotton is my canvas.

On a trail run in Pound Ridge, NY with my dog Calvin, I noticed a guy with a cool-looking dog at his side. When I asked him about the dog’s breed, he laughed and said, “He’s a pure rescue.” Mutt just wasn’t a fair description. He was a pure rescue. So I created our first-ever tee in his honor and donated 100% of the proceeds to a local animal shelter.

The idea for purescue – a cause-driven apparel company – was born.  

And then Trump happened. This was truly the flame that lit the purescue fuse. I decided to support the causes, ideals, people and services under attack. The new weekend warrior is the individual who spends a few moments of the weekend at a rally, calling a congressperson, writing a letter, or volunteering. purescue would design and sell soft tees for those who fight hard.   

Every purescue design is connected to a cause.  Yes, the "re" is a cool design element, but it also conveys our values.  "Re" as in regarding the issues we care about most. Such as:

re: civil rights

re: the arts

re: the environment 

re: you get the idea!

So, that's our story.   Please buy a tee, support a cause and let us know what you think. 

Founder, purescue