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Washington, D.C., Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein...Refugees Welcome

We visited Washington, D.C. for the first time since the 2016 presidential election.  As I walked up the steps of the Lincoln Memorial for the umpteen time in my life, it felt different. It felt nostalgic. It felt fragile. also felt like no one man could be bigger than what this country has struggled to become. It felt good. It felt reassuring. There were freshly minted graduates from American University and George Mason donning their caps and gowns taking pics. There was a full blown marching band playing patriotic tunes. There were kids (including my kids) jumping from step to step, soaking in the hot D.C. sun, staring down at the reflection pool. All was good for this one moment. We left...

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If you bought a tee, wear that tee! Send a photo to  Post a selfie on Instagram and tag us with @purescue and #SoftTeesFightHard. These tees are inspired by you - the people around the world finding ways to support the causes, ideals, people and services under attack by the Trump agenda. Soft tees for those who fight hard, #SoftTeesFightHard  

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How did we select the communities for our Indivisible tees?

I woke up this morning thinking - wait a second, people are going to think we're crazy for selecting a random sample of communities for our recent series of tees.  Nobody is going to buy and wear a tee that says Tahoe-Truckee or Bourbon County, KY if they're from Boston, MA.  Then I calmed down and wrote this... How did we select the communities for our recent series of tees? We reviewed this map of Indivisible groups nationwide, closed our eyes and spinning the globe to see where to travel when we were kids.  Well, not exactly...but that's kinda how we did it. We just wanted to represent the amazing breadth of Indivisible communities across this country... The Indivisible movement has gone grassroots....

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