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How did we select the communities for our Indivisible tees?

I woke up this morning thinking - wait a second, people are going to think we're crazy for selecting a random sample of communities for our recent series of tees.  Nobody is going to buy and wear a tee that says Tahoe-Truckee or Bourbon County, KY if they're from Boston, MA.  Then I calmed down and wrote this... How did we select the communities for our recent series of tees? We reviewed this map of Indivisible groups nationwide, closed our eyes and spinning the globe to see where to travel when we were kids.  Well, not exactly...but that's kinda how we did it. We just wanted to represent the amazing breadth of Indivisible communities across this country... The Indivisible movement has gone grassroots....

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Curse and Blessing of the "Stands for Something" T-shirt

What I hate about the "stands-for-something" (SFS) T-shirt is that it adds to the mess of soundbites that generally paint each of us into an ideological corner.  It adds to the "black-and-whiteness" of how people unfortunately judge each other (you're either this or that, nothing is nuanced).  The SFS T-shirt, like most protest signs, is brief and to the point...snappy, witty (we hope)...driving home a position.  The difference is that the protest sign is used in a specific moment with specific context (usually at a march or rally surrounded by crowds that are on one side or the other of a specific issue) while the T-shirt is usually worn in the everyday world, floating out there with no context. This is a blessing and curse for the...

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What is the "re" thing all about?

As you all know, we changed our brand to purescue a month ago.  And now...we're really digging the "re" thing.   Why? For one, we really like it visually.  Second, it joins the all important pure + rescue.  And..lastly, "re" also means a few things that make sense for an active brand like ours - regarding, about, concerning...   re: civil rights re: poverty re: save the trees   You get the idea :)  We added the "re" mark to the back of most of our tees, just below the collar.   As always, thanks for all the support.  Keep the ideas and feedback coming... Dan      

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