What is purescue?

 purescue, n. pure rescue, something/someone that needs help/home/nurturing 

One month into this thing and we're changing our name....just a bit. Pure Rescue Design is now purescue.  

Why the change? Well, for one thing the URL is shorter by 8 characters. PureRescue.com was taken (squatter) so, once again, creative constraint leads to innovation (sorta). Just share the "re" and go with purescue. Hopefully, everyone will see "Pure Rescue" in purescue and not "P.U. Rescue" or "Pure Scue." Well, no matter, the focus is still the same...

We're a brand. A brand that wants to do good. We believe that it’s more important than ever before to step outside our bubbles, listen, learn and make change (and, oh btw, it’s ok to poke fun at ourselves while we’re doing it). We believe giving should be core to a company’s business model...especially now. We believe we should focus our efforts and funds on addressing the most at-risk rights, people, and institutions in our country at this time.   

Right now, we're focused on designing and selling high quality tees with simple designs that spark a conversation. Stay tuned for more... 

Founder, purescue

What will you rescue today?



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