What does "cotton is my canvas" mean? What is a Creative Constraint?

For some people, T-shirts are frivolous. For me, they represent a creative constraint -- and...every artist/storyteller/designer needs a constraint. For Shakespeare, it was unrhymed iambic pentameter. For Jackson Pollock, it was a canvas on the floor, instead of an easel. For street artists in Lisbon, Portugal, the city becomes the canvas (and the constraint). Scott Berkun describes this creative constraint thing really well here. As Berkun says (and I agree), MacGyver is the patron saint of creative constraints. Only with constraints can we design/create/invent/communicate amazing things.  So...back to the T-shirt...

I really like a good T-shirt so I decided that cotton would be my canvas and the T-shirt would be my constraint (it sure beats PowerPoint (former life - any corporate strategy folks out there?)). At Pure Rescue, we like designs that are simple (in values, colors and shapes) and spark a conversation (think: I heart NY). Can we be the Shakespeare or Pollock or Milton Glaser of T-shirts?  Not sure about that but we'll give it a shot...and try to improve the world one T-shirt at a time while we're at it.  





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