Purescue Making a Difference in 2017

Yes, we're still here. Our apologies for not posting in a loooong time. We just wanted to update you on how purescue is making a difference. Here's a list of donations tied to T-shirt sales for 2017 ($1240 donated in total).

 Indivisible Westchester - $550 (the IW tee)

Art Start - $125 (the Art Start tee)

Indivisible Project - $100 (the Indivisible tee collection)

Futures Without Violence - $100 (the FWV tee)

Swipe Out (Hunger) - $90 (the Swipe Out tee)

ACLU - $75 (the ACLU tee)

ASPCA - $65 (the ASPCA tee)

MarchON - $60 (the MarchON tee)

Plantabillion.org - $50 (the PLantAbillion tee)

NPR - $25 (the NPR tee)

Thank you for all you do. Happy New Year!


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