How did we select the communities for our Indivisible tees?

I woke up this morning thinking - wait a second, people are going to think we're crazy for selecting a random sample of communities for our recent series of tees.  Nobody is going to buy and wear a tee that says Tahoe-Truckee or Bourbon County, KY if they're from Boston, MA.  Then I calmed down and wrote this...

How did we select the communities for our recent series of tees?

We reviewed this map of Indivisible groups nationwide, closed our eyes and spinning the globe to see where to travel when we were kids.  Well, not exactly...but that's kinda how we did it. We just wanted to represent the amazing breadth of Indivisible communities across this country...

The Indivisible movement has gone grassroots.  Sure there's a guide (and we're thankful for that) but it's all about the local communities deciding enough is enough. We know this from personal experience.  The founder of purescue (that's me, Dan), sent an email to twenty people in his community on January 16th.  Soon thereafter, Northern Westchester Indivisible was formed and is now 250 members strong (follow us on twitter.)   This has happened thousands of times around our country.

At purescue, we believe that people will wear Indivisible tees from various communities (communities different from their own) to show solidarity- Collect all 10! :)

Is there a city or community you want us to represent?  Let us know and we'll see what we can do.  Better yet, buy three tees from the Indivisible collection and we'll definitely add your community to the mix.   

Remember: 100% of profits from these Indivisible tees go to the group that started this whole Indivisible thing so they can continue to do what they do...mobilize, energize, prioritize, communicate, educate...

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